What is Full Stack Designer?

In the computer science world, the phrase “full-stack” (or full-stack designer) was coined to mean someone who could single-handedly tackle every layer of software development. These exceptional folks had their pick of jobs and commanded exorbitant salaries. Still do, actually.

Full stack designer

Full Stack Designer

In fact, the concept of Full Stack Developer came out earlier than the Full Stack Designer. But full stack does not mean to do all. Specifically, it refers to a person who masters multi-skills and he can use them to independently complete a design or product development.

A full stack designer can build a basic conception of a project, and complete the whole design and development related works alone. A full stack designer works independently to complete the whole design and development related works. A full stack designer can do wireframes/prototypes design, visual design and the front coding like JS / jQuery, etc.

The Emergence

There are many small development teams who cannot set full positions. That forced the team members to play multiple characters in one position. You can always see the developers not only coding but also build prototypes with the prototyping tools.

What Makes a Full Stack Designer?

However, it’s not a requirement for full stack designers to master anything perfectly. Taking the web design as an example, you will understand well about their roles:

Assist the product manager

Complete the pre-concept for the entire project, brainstorming, mood boards, basic planning

Prototype design

Wireframes, visual draft, low/high fidelity prototypes

User research



Front-end development

HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery etc.

The handover with the programmer

Understand the interface and the development of the deep demand, how the front-end code will be more matching backend and the program.


To become a good full stack designer, you are destined to keep learning and enrich your skill-tree. You have to choose right industry and direction to follow up the design trend, technology, new pattern, new tools.


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