How to see shortened Url without opening them

You always have seen shortened URL sent through emails, messages or on social media. The shortened URL is the clone of original URL when you click on that link, you are redirected to the original address.

Shortened url view original link before click

If you mouse hover over a link you see the address or that page on the left bottom of the browser, but you can’t see the original address of shortened URL. You click on that link and open without knowing if it is harmful or not, and risk your security.

There are multiple ways to check what’s behind a shortened URL without opening it. And in this post, I’ll show you how to do it on your PC and your smartphone.


Add preview before the link.

to or

Add + (plus sign) at the end of the URL.


Add – (hyphen sign) at the end of URL.


Add ~ (tilde sign) at the end of URL.



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