Instagram adds new tool to combat the bullying

Instagram adds new tool to combat the online bullying

The Instagram team has added a new tool to its platform to control the bullying and spread kindness. This tool uses the potential of artificial intelligence to learn and prevent the bullying.

Instagram already using such intelligence to detect and eliminate all types of inappropriate content and is used to intimidate or harass users. There are you can report the inappropriate content which you feels uncomfortable, they see and remove such content which violets their policies.

As they said here,

There is no place for bullying on Instagram. If people see that kind of hurtful behavior on our platform, they can report it, and we remove any content that violates our guidelines. But online bullying is complex, and we know we have more work to do to further limit bullying and spread kindness on Instagram. That’s why today we’re announcing our latest tools to help combat bullying, including a new way to identify and report bullying in photos. We’re also introducing a camera effect to help spread kindness in Stories. As the new Head of Instagram, I’m proud to build on our commitment to making Instagram a kind and safe community for everyone.

Once the AI identifies this type of content, it is sent to the designated team, on the other hand, comment filters will be applied in the live videos, to detect and eliminate those added to intimidate or disturb the transmission.

When using the effect in selfie mode, hearts will appear and the option to mention a friend. And if you use this option with the rear camera, then you will see positive messages in different languages ​​in the background.


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