How to upload photos to Instagram from the PC


Instagram is a photo/video sharing platform where we often share but in some circumstances, we don’t want to use mobile to share a photo or we are using PC and our mobile is on charging that time we don’t want to get disturbed. In, this article I will tell you, how can you upload photos to Instagram from your PC.

Now you will be no longer dependable on your phone. You will be able to upload photos easily. So, here are the following ways you can make it possible:

1. Using BlueStacks App

BlueStack is a PC software which used to run Android applications. You have to install Instagram through this app and then you can upload photos from PC just like you go through your mobile.

2. Using Chrome Browser

You can upload a photo through chrome browser by transforming Instagram page into mobile view.

How to upload photos to Instagram from the PC

How to do this:

  1. Right click on the screen press (Ctrl+Shift+I)
  2. Click on Inspect Element
  3. You will see the Mobile icon on the left side, click on it or press (Ctrl+Shift+M)
  4. Then you will see the same screen as above.
  5. Refresh page.

3. Trick the browser

Use an extension to “trick the browser” making it think that it is a browser on the mobile (taking advantage of the fact that it is possible to upload photos from the mobile web browser) There are many extensions of this type, but we use User Agent Switcher, also available for Firefox.

4. Use

Use, since it allows the publication of Instagram profiles that are linked to a page of Facebook.


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