How to make an old Android phone feel new again

Is your Android phone is not working as good as it was working when you purchased it? So, don’t abandon hope just yet. A handful of simple steps can make your old Android phone feel new (or at least newer) again.

How to make an old Android phone feel new again

It’s time to give your Android phone a much-needed tune-up — and a fresh lease on life. You have to do some steps to make it new again. The first step is to back up your data.

Back up data

Before going further, back up the data. You can go to Settings -> Back up & Sync.

Now, just follow the simple steps by one by:

Clean up local storage:

First, take a look at your phone’s local storage. It can be a major issue for slowing down your Android phone. Lots of phones come with limited space, you can check whether the storage has enough space or not. Your phone storage can have a lot of garbage also which makes phone slower.

Remove unused apps:

The second step is to remove unused apps from your phone. You should not have those apps which you are not using anymore. You have to uninstall all the apps which you do not use. Such apps take space in your storage and have the potential of slowing down your phone by running in the background and using up resources.

Your phone has such apps which preinstalled and can not be uninstalled, so you have to disable that app, but remember do not disable any system level utility app (use common sense).

You can disable an app from Settings > Apps/Application Management.

Use the lightweight app:

Facebook, Messenger, Google Map, these app eat a lot of space and uses resources. If your Android phone has less Primary memory then these apps can slow down your phone. You should use lightweight apps and then feel the change.

You can use the lightweight app of Facebook, messenger, Google Maps instead.

Up to date apps:

Make sure that all your apps updated. If you do not update any app from time to time it creates the problem with the system requirement and other resources. They start unexpected misbehaving and crashing.

Perform a factory reset:

If your phone still feeling sluggish after all these steps. There is one final step is a factory reset. A factory reset clears out all the cobwebs and almost always makes a phone run faster, at least for a while.

Be sure that all your important data has been backed up because once you reset your phone, it can not be stopped. You can find this inside of Settings named full factory reset.


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