Facebook Snooze Feature: mute annoying friend, page or group temporary

Facebook launched snoozing feature to temporary hide posts of a specific person, page or group from the news feed. We often see such person, page and group that their posts or activities do not interest us then we have the only option to unfriend, unfollow or block but now we need not any more to unfriend, unfollow or block a person, page or group.

Facebook, in its eagerness to offer us functions that allow us to have control of what we want to receive in our walls, has just launched a new one.


It has been in testing since last September. This feature allows us to avoid tracking users, groups and specific pages for a maximum period of 30 days. See the below pic.

Facebook snooze feature to avoid the feed of a person group or page

In the pic, you can see there 3 options, these options are for a group.

  1. Snooze person for 30 days.
  2. Hide all from a person.
  3. Snooze group/page/person for 30 days.
  4. Unfollow group

The Snooze is a special silence feature which allows us to avoid someone, page or group activities for a period of 30 days without unfollowing them forever.

During this period, users can reverse the situation, and it will notify us of the days left to have the publications of that silenced contact visible again.


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