Best Android Applications that every entrepreneur must have

Every new entrepreneur needs such applications which can facilitate tasks and make the job easier in an organized way. It is not easy to find such applications which offer you the service you are looking for.

So, after a lot of searching, we have found out such apps which will be very helpful for you to organize your time, keep their accounts clear, make notes and reminders. We have selected some apps that will help you.


This application allows you to edit and create graphics mind maps in a simple and fast way, to which you can add icons, colors, styles and different themes for your maps. In this way, you can organize and sort how many ideas you have for your next business by inserting them in the panel and exporting the result in PDF.

Google Keep

It is the tool for taking notes from Google. Like the previous one, it will help to remember, organize and take notes of everything that is done during the day. With Google Keep you can take a voice note and it will record them quickly in text automatically. One of the advantages is that you can differentiate each task or reminder with the colored labels.


An old acquaintance An important tool for entrepreneurs since it helps to organize ideas, take notes, create lists and you can even create reminders for work meetings or pending tasks by adding videos, PDF files, and images.

LiveBoard: Interactive Whiteboard

It allows you to visualize ideas and work together with your colleagues by sharing a blackboard in real time, as well as getting a connection and exchange of ideas in real time. Live Board is not a simple drawing application since it is also possible to add images, notes, videos and connect with more users allowing interaction instantly.


Although each city has its taxi app, thanks to the Uber app it is possible to get a car in several cities of the world, without having to verify which taxi companies exist or what conditions there are in each one. Uber is ideal for those who travel a lot, for those who constantly meet and have the plane as their second home. Otherwise, taxi apps are perfect, and electric motorcycle rental apps, too.


WhatsApp does not allow you to order the topics discussed, it is not made for your business use, while Slack does. It is the best option to have the conversations classified and the actions documented.


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