Are your Android Mobile Overheating? Tips to cool it down

Android is a multitasking operating system where we keep performing multitasking. Sometimes, it gets overheated due to the Android apps we are using, or lots of Android apps running in the background which we don’t know.

Overheating affects your CPU process which slows down to the device. Sometimes, mobile gets shut down.  Overheating can damage your mobile. So, if you want to get rid off from your Android mobile’s overheating problem, here are the following best tips.

Mobile Storage

If you mobile has less storage, it can also slow down your mobile. You have to check the storage and remove some data.


Android mobile’s battery can be a big issue of overheating. You should: Take out and inspect your battery from time to time and make sure it’s not leaking or bloated. Changing your device’s battery every one to two years will increase your phone’s life and decrease overheating. While charging your mobile remove case/cover.

Turn off unnecessary features

Always turn off your mobile’s WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS when not in use because whenever they come in the network range they start scanning networks in the background.

Remove heavy/unused app

If your mobile has a heavy android app or unused app, it can overheat your mobile because it can’t handle. Therefore, you should remove such app. However, you need to look for the apps that might be running in the background without your wish.


Android is a multitasking operating system. Android phones are the best, no doubt. You get a large number of features like music, video, games, internet, apps, etc. You can switch between apps. Sometimes, we open a large number of apps without close other, which slows down an android mobile and then it gets overheated. Therefore, we should close the app after using so that it could be cool down.

Junk cleaner

While surfing the web or using android apps, a lot of junk files are created and stored in mobile which we need to remove. You should always delete junk files.

Using Android apps

Install any of the following apps on your mobile which will help you to optimize your mobile.

  • Cooling Master-Phone Cooler
  • Coolify
  • Cooler Master


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