3 tricks to search professionally on Google

Google search tricks

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. You can search anything you want and Google will return you a large number of results but here are some tricks to find information faster, increase accuracy in millions of result.

1. -inurl command:

This command is used to avoid the results of a specific website. -inurl is a Google defined command.

For example: Suppose you want the results of example.com website should not appear in your search result. To do this, use this command in google search like:

Your search query -inurl:example.com

2. site command:

If you want to search result of a specific website, you have to use site command. This command tells Google to search result within a specified website only.

Your search query site:example.com

3. * Asterisks command:

If you put asterisks when searching on Google, the search engine will fill in the correct form.

"You search query *"


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